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Fashion June 23, 2016

TBT: Lookbook

Time for a throwback! Here is a spring-summer lookbook from a couple years ago with the beautiful Shannon serving up exotic vintage tropical prints paired with knockout fruit props 🍌🍊 🍉🍇 🍋

Fashion June 15, 2016

Peachy Kween

It’s officially undeniably thankfully caftan season.
One fine pre-summer day, Stefany and I hightailed down to Rockaway Beach for tacos, sandtime and some shooting in between.

Fashion May 24, 2016

Secret Garden

Here is a certified wood nymph dress if ever there was one. Vintage botanical print to draw you in, and puff sleeves that just slay. For this look, we found a magical little corner of the park, raining electric purple blooms

Fashion May 24, 2016

Swan Be Like..

Oh heyyyy! This shoot was made infinitely better by the epic swan cameo by the lake. As we approached, there were a few of these large and graceful (and slightly menacing) creatures hanging out..

Fashion May 24, 2016

Prospect Poet

April showers brought May showers this season in New York City. And that’s ok! Aside from messing with our weekend markets 😐 I actually really love this weather, and think the plants do too.

Fashion May 24, 2016

Calico Calling

On a perfectly clear afternoon, Lucile, Apple and I (Naomi) packed up the van and headed to charming Red Hook, to explore and grab some shots of a few spring Omnia looks. Inspired by wide open fields and prairie landscapes…