On a perfectly clear afternoon, Lucile, Apple and I (Naomi) packed up the van (Emma 💚) and headed to charming Red Hook, to explore and grab some shots of a few spring Omnia looks. Inspired by wide open fields and prairie landscapes, the goal was to create a sense of vastness while in the confines and chaos of a busy urban environment. The photographer Apple was literally under and over cars to grab shots. And passerbys, from tourists to construction workers, were all about it. If you’ve been to the area, maybe you’ll recognize some of the locations!

@2016stefanieapple_testomni-17 copy @2016stefanieapple_testomni-14 copy

Florals for spring? Groundbreaking 😉

Pairing a fitted army jacket with a long flowy floral dress was just the right amount of juxtaposition.

Really, what would this jacket not go with?! It’s from 1964 and has the soldier’s name inside.

Originally cut for a pretty small man, it is the perfect cropped and slim fit for a petite gal.

dorothy flowy floral dress | cropped army jacket 

@2016stefanieapple_testomni-6 copy

@2016stefanieapple_test_omni copy

@2016stefanieapple_testomni-9 copy3

More is More

Sometimes full coverage can be sexier than wearing less.

This 1970s coral calico dress exudes grace and confidence, and is totally covered, from the high neckline to the buttoned cuffs and sweeping floor length hem. And that color….swoon!

uma coral flora dress 


@2016stefanieapple_testomni copy

Oh, hello there 👁👁

Discovering this amazing mural was a highlight this year. It’s tucked away on a side street, and I kind of want to shoot everything in front of it. I just love the half face, the flower crown, and those eyebrows! Most definitely on fleek.

Here is Lucile working a 1950s white ruffle dress and knee high marigold yellow platform boots (that somehow went with everything, a happy coincidence). The dress is a very interesting fabric choice – thin semi sheer ripstop nylon with eyelet trim.

amelia sheer ruffle dress | poppies platform boots

@2016stefanieapple_testomni-5 copy2

That’s a Wrap!

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Model: Lucile Parrado

Photographer: Stefanie Apple 

Creative director: Naomi Bergknoff