Here is a certified wood nymph dress if ever there was one. Vintage botanical print to draw you in, and puff sleeves that just slay. For this look, we found a magical little corner of the park, raining electric purple blooms under a full tree canopy.


Totally Charmed

The diverging paths, purple petals, and spring in Amina’s step all feel very fanciful! Kind of like a movie set..

* disregard the trash can in the background please, lol


“An hour of play discovers more than an hour of conversation”

– Portugese proverb


A moment of peace

How spectacular is the red bud tree? The magenta flowers grow right on the trunk and branches, giving them the coolest texture, soft yet clumpy and erratic… some look like a pink cloud from the distance. Check out this one on the shop’s Pinterest page.


Well, what are you waiting for?

Throw on a maxi dress and get to your nearest park!

60s serbin botanical print dress | tooled pouch necklace (coming soon)

Model: Amina Sulejmanagić

Assistant + Location Scout: Sarah Borque

Photographer: Naomi Bergknoff