Oh heyyyy! This shoot was made infinitely better by the epic swan cameo by the lake. As we approached, there were a few of these large and graceful (and slightly menacing) creatures¬†hanging out, along with a pair of Hasidic Jewish men, father and son climbing a tree, and a runner who stopped to take a swanselfie. Plus the three of us, with a bag full of clothing, taking pictures. Totally normal, run of the mill Brooklyn experience ūüôā

But wait, this dress. This unbelievable embroidered caftan dress.


 Like a Wildflower

Circa woodstock era 1960s, this bell sleeved dress must have stories to tell. You can feel it when you wear it.


‚ÄúLook deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.‚ÄĚ

–¬†Albert Einstein



Stand Tall

Please don’t fall.. the wind was beast this day, as you can see!

Also, how cute is that gazebo in the background? It has so many etched names and pictures through the years.

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Like I said, putting this dress on makes you feel a certain way.¬†The heavy soft weight of the fabric, the way it is worn in and feels old but still so substantial, not to mention the incredible hand embroidery. The cut almost looks basic, but its a precise¬†fit that connects with your shoulders, then flares to let air¬†in at the¬†sleeves and hem…for a perfect, powerful, triangular flow.


60s coral embroidered caftan

Model: Amina Sulejmanagińá

Assistant + Location Scout: Sarah Borque

Photographer: Naomi Bergknoff