Time for a throwback! Here is a spring-summer lookbook from a couple years ago with the beautiful Shannon serving up exotic vintage tropical prints paired with knockout fruit props (no food was wasted on this shoot 😉)

As per usual, the collection found itself. Palm prints, tiger patterns, hibiscus florals and sassy silhouettes kept finding their way to me, and who am I to deny them?!  The original concept was simple and graphic with the white brick wall and ginormous tropical plants. But, pending budget constraints and seeing a few too many models framed by oversized leaves on the internets, I decided to play with fruit and see where that went. It was a whole mess of fun, with grape necklaces, a perfect pineapple baby, lemon glasses, and of course, the ever popular banana phone 🍌🍊 🍉🍇 🍋

I love that every single one of these looks still feels relevant to Omnia today – unique and feminine, in a fierce tropical modern-day warrior kind of way.

OMNIA-SS14-LostInTheTropics2OMNIA-SS14-LostInTheTropics22OMNIA-SS14-LostInTheTropics32 OMNIA-SS14-LostInTheTropics3 OMNIA-SS14-LostInTheTropics4 OMNIA-SS14-LostInTheTropics42OMNIA-SS14-LostInTheTropics52OMNIA-SS14-LostInTheTropics5 OMNIA-SS14-LostInTheTropics6 OMNIA-SS14-LostInTheTropics62OMNIA-SS14-LostInTheTropics72OMNIA-SS14-LostInTheTropics7 OMNIA-SS14-LostInTheTropics82OMNIA-SS14-LostInTheTropics8

And now…. a few behind the scenes pics and outtakes:

 20140408_Omnia_Look7_83 copy

coffee, mood lighting, and fitting



Manolo Blahnik 🍌🍌🍌 shoes!!


Smoothies for days on days 🙂


Bag o’ Grapes – a concept that didn’t *quite* translate

Thanks for peepin! – Naomi